Christine Robertson

 Thanks for stopping by. I write urban fantasy novels for teens. Irn Bru is my favourite drink of all time, and I crave it throughout my writing process. I also enjoy listening to Finnish Rock/Metal band, His Infernal Majesty. I think Valo is God. Well I don't, but his music is pretty epic anyway.

I enjoy writing so much that I want to make a career out of it - I am currently a student at a high school in England that shall remain unnamed; and I am going to be fourteen on the first of October. This website includes a blog and a chance to get in touch with me if you can't e-mail, as well as juicy snippets from my latest stories.

Whilst I say I write urban fantasy novels, I'm also working on a trilogy of mystery stories - just for fun. Of course, the usual dysfunctional, teenage, rebellious heroine is involved - what book by me would be complete without one?

I hope you enjoy looking around my website. Have fun and happy reading!

-- Christine Robertson


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